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Outer Card
Title – Crypto Maniacs

Subtitle – Crypto Option Seller


Weekly Option Selling – Crypto Intraday Option Selling

Description – Ajay

Bitcoin and Ethereum Option Seller

Targets 30% Profits Monthly

Language – Malayalam

Book a 30-Minutes Consultation

₹ 1000 for 30 Minutes



1st Section


Generate 30% Profits Monthly from Bitcoin with CryptoManiacs

Description 2 – Ajay


Image – Vishal


2nd Section – What you will be learning from this mentorship?

Daily option selling in Bitcoin and Ethereum, using Delta Exchange


1 Forward Tested Strategy

Framework to make 30% profit per month and make extraordinary returns.

Adjustments and Money Management  Strategies.



3rd Section – Who is this workshop for?

With some experience in trading any asset. Options trading experience not required

who have basic knowledge of Price Action and Technical Analysis

willing to take risks for higher returns.

with time to enter/exit trades during live market hours if needed.

with the winning mindset to do and learn


4th Section – My Journey

5th Section – My Achievements


6th Section – Want to be a trader like me?


  • Live Classes
  • Doubt Clearance on Live Sessions
  • Access to all of our trades and analysis for 1-month
  • Live Trading Audio Channels for 1 month
  • Premium Support




How you will spend time here 

6 hours live training

2 hours Q&A sessions

1 month Trade Room Access

1 month community access