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Futures Trading by Darshan Rathod




Spend just 8-10 minutes a day trading and make good money without disturbing your current job or business!

Hi I am Darshan, Futures Trader

I am a full-time trader who loves to help people cut short their trading journey and become successful in the stock market.

The 2008 Stock Market Crash fascinated me as a ten-year-old. After getting together some capital in 2016, I started trading in crude oil futures.
I invested time in learning the market by myself, reading more than 150 books on trading and investing. But I understood that I had no trading plan, no risk management, and not a proper system of trading.

So I took time to make some good systems that work on derivatives, backtested properly, front tested with a small amount after so many tries and errors finally I got a system that suits me and matched my personality.

After a long journey of six years in trading finally I have become a full-time trader.

PRACTICAL and LIVE Guide TO Systematic Trading with Active Support from Mentor

Who Is This Programme For?

This programme is designed for someone who has enough experience in the Indian stock market(not necessarily in Futures), knows the basics of Price Action and Technical Analysis and is willing to spend very little time in the market. The ideal candidate should be in a position to enter/exit trades during live market hours if needed.


Intraday and Positional Futures Trading (Index and Natural Gas)

Momentum Investing

3 Back Tested Strategies

Consistent Profit Making Framework

Bonus Content – Intraday Option Selling Framework

Main Features

  • Live Classes
  • Doubt Clearance Sessions
  • Live Trading Zoom Sessions for 4-weeks
  • Live Trading Audio Channels for 4-weeks
  • Premium Support
  • Mutual Fund + Long-Term Portfolio creation support
  • Minimum Capital Required – 2 Lakhs
  • Trading Segments – Index Futures and Natural Gas

Course Structure

This is a one-month long programme by the end of which you will become a PRO futures trader.

Week 1: Orientation + Basic Learning

  • Friday 7.30 PM to 8 PM – Ice-breaking and Welcome Session
  • Saturday 4 PM to 7 PM – Live Classroom Training, Strategy Discussion
  • Monday – Entering a trade, Live session on trade analysis (Timing as per market conditions)
  • Saturday 4 PM – Doubt Clearing Session and Bonus Content 

*All times are in IST

Week 2 to Week 4: Practical Community-based Learning + Live Trading

  • Daily Audio Rooms for Live Trading
  • Premium Support and Community Access
  • Access to trades and analysis

After 1 month – Rs 1000 per month

  • Daily Audio Rooms for Live Trading
  • Community Access
  • Access to all of our trades and analysis

How Does This Work?

  • Register and book your slot, soon you will receive a payment confirmation email and communication through WhatsApp.
  • You will be receiving a call from our team 2 days before the session.
  • Make sure you have F&O Enabled with your broker.
  • Links for Zoom meetings and Community will be shared prior to the session through E-Mail.