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Options Basics Course by Abdul Khader ₹499




The only Options Basics Course you will ever need!


Course Structure 🎓

Course Introduction – 15 minutes 

  • Setting Expectations
  • Revealing My 1 year profit PnL

Options Simplified – 1 hour

  • Why were Options Invented?
  • What is an Option Contract?
  • Basic Terminologies
  • Types of Options? Call and Put options

Decoding Option Chain – 1 hour

  • Understanding Option Chain
  • Understanding Moneyness – ATM, ITM, OTM

Levelling Up! – 1 hour

  • Call Option and Put Option Revisited
  • How & Why does Option Premium Move?
  • Understanding Greeks

Doubt Clearing Session- 1 hour


At the end of the workshop you will learn⬇️⬇️

✅What is Future’s and Option’s – FnO?

✅What are the different types of Options​

✅How to understand Option Chain​

✅Understand Options Greeks – Gamma, Theta, Delta​

✅How to take trade in options segment ​