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Options Selling by Sharique Samsudheen

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Note from the trader – 


Hello Aspiring Traders,

Hope you know me. If not, check out my YouTube channels here – Sharique Samsudheen

I am a conservative trader, working with directionless trading strategies. Whether the market is bullish, bearish or sideways, I make money in all market situations. I make ~4% returns of my capital a month as profits and 40-50% returns a year.

I do this by SELLING WEEKLY OPTIONS in NIFTY. Yes, that’s almost all that I do. I trade passively on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and actively on Thursdays. I do not trade on Mondays and Fridays.

Come, join my mentorship programme and community, but only if you are okay with a simple, boring trading strategy that generates conservative returns.

I would recommend having Rs 10 lakhs capital for joining my programme. Think about it, you can generate around Rs 40,000(4% of capital) income from trading by following my trading style.

Every batch would be of just 25 members and 1 month long, with multiple discussion sessions.

Before you think this is too boring, hear out my personal plan. I see option selling as a business. I invest money into an appreciating asset (bonds and ETFs) and pledge it for margin. The income I generate from my option selling business is reinvested into more mutual funds and ETFs. I again pledge those mutual funds and ETFs for more margin for selling options. In this way, my capital and profits increase every month! This is how I am going to reach my personal milestone of Rs 1000 crores of networth!

Above all, if you did not know, I also run marketfeed 🙂


Earn Consistent Returns with Option Selling Strategies.

Get into an option seller’s mindset, and learn how to set conservative targets to grow your wealth. Learn basics about options and rewrite your knowledge of derivatives. Learn our Options Strategy and how to enter trades with confidence on Saturday. Learn how to maintain a proper risk to reward ratio, and cut losses to the minimum.

Who Is This Programme For?

This programme is designed for someone who has enough experience in the Indian stock market(not necessarily in Futures and Options), knows the basics of Price Action and Technical Analysis and is willing to make small but consistent profits. The ideal candidate should be in a position to enter/exit trades during live market hours if needed.


Weekly index option selling in Nifty and Bank Nifty.

3 Back Tested Strategies

Unbeatable Money Management Techniques

Adjustments and Firefighting Strategies

Consistent Profit Making Framework

Main Features

  • Live Classes
  • Doubt Clearance Sessions
  • Live Trading Zoom Sessions for 4-weeks
  • Live Trading Audio Channels for 4-weeks
  • Strategy Builder Tool for 1-month
  • marketfeed PRO for 1-month
  • Premium Support
  • Mutual Fund + Long-Term Portfolio creation support

Course Structure

This is a one-month long programme by the end of which you will become a PRO Option Seller.

Week 1: Orientation + Basic Learning

  • Thursday 7.30 PM to 8 PM – Ice-breaking and Welcome Session
  • Friday 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM – Class on Options Basics, Simplifying Options for Everyone
  • Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM – Training on Building Practical Option Strategies, Adjustment Strategies, Money and Risk Management
  • Tuesday – Entering a trade, Live session on trade analysis (Timing as per market conditions)
  • Wednesday 10 AM – Live Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Thursday 4 PM – Exiting the trade and Batch Induction

*All times are in IST

Week 2 to Week 4: Practical Community-based Learning + Live Trading

  • Audio Rooms for Live Trading
  • Premium Support and Community Access
  • Access to all of my trades and analysis


After 1 month – Rs 500 per month

  • Continuous Upskilling Programmes
  • Monthly Catchup and Review Sessions
  • Audio Rooms for Live Trading
  • Premium Support and Community Access
  • Access to all of my trades and analysis


How Does This Work?

  • Register and book your slot, soon you will receive a payment confirmation email and communication through WhatsApp.
  • You will be receiving a call from our team 2 days before the session.
  • Make sure you have F&O Enabled with your broker. Note: Our Option Selling strategies cannot easily be done through Zerodha.
  • Links for Zoom meetings and Community will be shared prior to the session through E-Mail.